Which Replacement Windows Are Best – Virginia Beach

Which Replacement Windows Are Best - Virginia Beach Looking for the best replacement windows in Virginia Beach? Discover what to look for and get the best window for your home. Like most home projects, purchasing replacement windows in Virginia Beach isn't a task to take lightly. On average, most Americans are able to keep their windows for 20-25…

Which Replacement Windows Are Best – Virginia Beach

Looking for the best replacement windows in Virginia Beach? Discover what to look for and get the best window for your home.

Best Window Buyers Guide - Virginia Beach
Best Window Buyers Guide – Virginia Beach

Like most home projects, purchasing replacement windows in Virginia Beach isn’t a task to take lightly. On average, most Americans are able to keep their windows for 20-25 years.

If you’re going to spend a quarter of your life with the same window, there are many things to take into consideration.

Now is a better time than ever to purchase replacement windows. That is in regards to recent window design and manufacturing advancements.

But with so many options, where do you start?

We have taken the guesswork out of what to look for in a replacement window. Discover what to consider for your next big home project.

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Best Energy Efficient Windows

This is one of the top concerns people have when purchasing new windows. Energy efficient windows cut costs on electric bills so they are generally more appealing.

Climate plays a huge role in the energy efficiency of a window. Energy efficient levels will contrast significantly if you live in a warmer location as opposed to a cooler one.

Energy efficiency is measured by a ‘U-Factor‘ which is the insulvative value of the window. For a window that will retain the most heat, you will want to look on the lower end.

In Virginia Beach, you should be looking for replacement windows that are less or equal to 0.35.

Energy efficient windows typically have multiple panes of glass. This allows for the least amount of energy to escape.

You should also look for a window with an advanced foam spacer system. These systems are able to fill your window’s frames and sashes with foam.

This can cut the costs of your energy bill greatly. Foam systems are much less conductive than traditional spacers.

Air Leakage in Home Windows

Another factor to consider when examining the best energy efficiency is a window’s air leakage. Air leakage comes from windows that are loosely sealed.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some windows are manufactured poorly, making them more prone to air leakage.

Tight sealing rides on proper installation of a window. If you are unsure of the installation process, it is best to consult a professional.

Unfortunately, over time most windows are subject to air leakage. This is only natural and is difficult to protect against.

If you are experiencing air leakage, then it is definitely time to upgrade to newer windows.

Security – Windows Help Protect your Home

Even though Virginia Beach most neighborhoods are typically considered safe, it is still wise to check for safety features. In the case of an unexpected intruder, it is always best to err on the cautious side.

When purchasing replacement windows, look at its hardware. The locking system is the biggest tell-tale sign of a window’s safety.

Also, you should be considering the window’s glass for security purposes. Some glasses are more durable and have more advanced safety features than others.

The glass within traditional windows typically shatters much easier than newer models. That’s why you’ll see a security glass with many newer replacement windows.

Some replacement windows have the option of adding a polyvinyl butyral security glass. This makes your window much less likely to shatter or break.

Maintenance on Your Replacement Windows

Washing windows- everyone’s favorite chore, right?

Sadly, it is something we all have to do but you can make your window washing experience much easier.

Look to the windows material composition. This will tell how much maintenance preserving your replacement window’s aesthetic will need.

While alluring, wood tends to be much harder to care for than other materials. Aluminum windows tend to not be as daunting however they can fall short in other areas.

Vinyl windows are a great option, all around. (That is why we only offer vinyl!) They are very visually appealing and require little to no maintenance.

Also, many vinyl windows come with a tilt-in sash. This makes it much easier to reach the exterior glass when window cleaning.

Weather Protected Window Solutions

We are no stranger to high winds here in Virginia Beach. That is why your replacement windows should be able to withstand any weather condition.

Protecting your home from unwanted elements comes from a secure replacement window. For a strong weather resistant window, again look to its glass.

As mentioned above, not all glass have the same amount of durability. Also, each windows weather-stripping capabilities will differ depending on a variety of factors.

Cheaper windows tend to have much less weather-stripping ability. They are made low quality and are usually not build to last.

Investing in a higher quality weatherstrip will save you money in the long run. They may cost more initially but they are able to withstand exposure much longer.

Other Considerations of Best Replacement Windows in Virginia Beach

There are a few other considerations you should make when purchasing the best replacement windows.

Often times, it is easy to just go with the least expensive option. However, lower priced windows tend to reflect in its overall quality.

Replacement windows are certainly not your every day (or every year) home improvement project. You will likely keep the same windows for a very long time.

Because of this, higher quality windows are worth the investment. When comparing long-term costs, higher quality windows can actually be the more cost efficient option.

Windows are also unique in their condensation capabilities. Some windows are able to resist fogging and water build-up much better than others.

Ratings are based off interior surface temperature and humidity levels. You will want to look for a window that has a higher numbered rating.

Lastly, we recommend finding replacement windows with high solar heat coefficient. This will determine how well the window is able to block out heat.

This is measured by how much solar heat is let out through a window. You will want to look for a replacement window with a low solar heat coefficient rating.

Replacing windows can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of professionals, your window replacement project can be much easier.

Contact our staff at Paramount Builders to learn more about our industry leading services and products! We offer the highest quality replacement windows that are bound to brighten up your day.

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