Roofing Companies in Richmond Who Finance

Roofing Companies in Richmond Who Finance Are you worried about the cost of getting a new roof for your home? Here's why you should look for roofing companies in Richmond who finance. If you had to put money down up front on everything in life, you probably wouldn't own much. You would be renting your…

Roofing Companies in Richmond Who Finance

Are you worried about the cost of getting a new roof for your home? Here’s why you should look for roofing companies in Richmond who finance.

Richmond Roofers that FinanceIf you had to put money down up front on everything in life, you probably wouldn’t own much. You would be renting your house, leasing your car, and we’re not even going to talk about healthcare.

Thanks to things like our roof replacement loan solutions, you don’t have to put all the money down up front for most of the major purchases in life. There are mortgages and other kinds of financing available for most people.

And when you need a new roof unless you’ve saved the money it will take, you will need a roofing company willing to help you finance your goal.

But what are the typical options roofing companies offer? And what should you know going in to keep you and your family on track for a good investment?

  1. Roofing Companies Shouldn’t Charge You For An Estimate

Some people are just out there to squeeze every dollar they can out of you. So they charge you for every added service. From beginning to end, they’re there not to serve you but to suck you dry for everything you’re worth.

Honest roofing companies don’t do that. They know how much their services are worth and they charge only what they’re worth. And they know that if they give you something free, it’s because the core of what they do is quality roofing and construction.

They’re there to do their job right and part of that is to give you the satisfaction of knowing costs before you’ve made a decision to even sign on with them.

It would be cost-prohibitive for customers if every contractor charged for an estimate. And that’s not how healthy competition works anyways.

Of course, any roofing company has the right to charge for the time it takes to do an estimate. But ask yourself if they really value you as a customer. Are they really willing to put in the effort it takes to do the job right if all they are about is the money?

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  1. Roofing Companies Let You Decide How Much You Can Afford

The average cost of replacing a roof in 2016 was between $7,500 and $15,000. This number is so broad because of the wide range of roof offerings available and the wide range of economic climates across the country.

Some companies really do specialize in the rare roofing systems. You could have a rare shake roof imported from Scottland for a fortune. But should you really buy that? Can you really afford that? If you can, great! If you can’t, nobody should make you feel bad for not buying that over a more budget-friendly roof.

And some companies might pressure you into buying more than you can afford. If you feel pressured, you know you’ve stepped into a salesman’s office and not a roofing contractor’s office.

The most commonly used roofing material in America is Asphalt shingles. And that’s what most people can afford and do prefer. And they are still a great choice if you’re looking to replace your roof.

  1. Roofers in Richmond With Financing

When financing is available from a roofing company, it means that more options are available to you.

When you don’t have to put all the money down on a new roof, it means that you will have money for later repairs or repairs to the rest of your house later.

Good roofing companies understand this principle. That if they take care of their customer’s needs all the way down to the financial aspects of a project, they will come back for more projects in the future.

It’s a bit concerning when come companies over charge customers and leave them with little future capital for future projects. Unless a company wants to run a one-stop shop, they need to offer financing options to their customers.

  • Low Interest Rates on Roofs
  • Deferred Payment options
  • Flexible Financing Repayment Options
  • Low Cost Payment Options
  • Revolving Accounts
  1. Storm Chasers Do Exist

And we’re not talking about weathermen with their storm tanks running around studying tornadoes. Those exist too. But what we’re talking about are roofing scams. Yes, those exist.

You want to find a local roofing company that does financing. If a major storm came through your area, don’t take work from out of state people who knock on your door and don’t give you a physical address located within the local area.

These people may charge you horrendous prices, offer no warranty, and super high rates for a shoddy job that won’t last till the next storm.

A good way to tell if who you’re looking at is a storm chasing contractor is if they have a valid license or not.

Virginia has a board of contractors. And you can look up any licensed contractor there. If they don’t have a license in that database or the license is expired, don’t hire them to do your roof. You will regret it later.

Another thing storm chasers may not have is insurance. Ask to see proof of insurance. This is vital for you in any contracting situation where you need construction done.

These people could make things worse for you house rather than better and without insurance that damage is on you unless you sue.

  1. Roofing Companies Should Offer Flexible Financing Options For Your Roof Replacement

As a project progresses, the plan changes. You may have thought you wanted your roof one way, but you might change your mind.

As a homeowner, you should not be penalized for these changes. The financing on your new roof should be flexible enough to anticipate extra expenses. That’s how contracting should be anyway. And sometimes projects take more time or have more components than previously estimated.

This shouldn’t be a surprise for any contractor. And they should be up front about their flexibility from the get-go.


No matter what your price range, you deserve a new roof when you need it. If you’re looking to get a new roof today, schedule a free estimate today and let us help you with the financing that’s right for you.

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