Roof Replacement Cost in Manassas, VA

Replacing Roofs in Manassas - How Much Will it Cost? Wondering what will a roof replacement cost in Manassas? While a well maintained house can last a lifetime, or longer, the same can’t be said about every individual component of that home. Typically, the parts of your home that are exposed to the elements are…

Replacing Roofs in Manassas – How Much Will it Cost?

Wondering what will a roof replacement cost in Manassas? While a well maintained house can last a lifetime, or longer, the same can’t be said about every individual component of that home.

Roof Prices in Manassas, VA
Roof Prices in Manassas

Typically, the parts of your home that are exposed to the elements are going to be the things that degrade and need replacement over time. Older roofs, for example, typically need replacing every 20-30 years.

One of the major functions of a roof is protect your home from rain and the other elements, and while a roof is designed to take the abuse delivered to it by the weather, over time, it begins to take its toll. Eventually, shingles will start to come loose and cracks will begin to appear in the roof. Although it is possible to repair these small problems as they appear over time, eventually, the sum of the issues with a roof may reach critical mass and it is time to start thinking about replacement as opposed to ongoing repair.

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Here are a few items that will impact your cost to Replace a roof in Manassas

  • Square Feet of Roof
  • Roof Pitch
  • Shingle Type
  • Number of Layers
  • City Code Requirements
  • Additional Obstacles (i.e. skylights, chimneys)

If you’re in Manassas, VA and have decided it is time to start looking into the cost of replacing your roof, you can expect to pay somewhere between $8,000 and $15,000 for the job. This is a large range, but the reason for this is that one roofing job can be vastly different from another, and in order to get a more accurate picture of your total costs it is necessary to assess the specific factors that roofers use when providing a quote for a new roof.

The Cost of Roofing Materials in Manassas

When you’re hiring a roofing company to install a new roof on your home, a large part of their cost, and by extension, yours, is the material that you’re going to put on your home. Each of the material options has its pros and cons, which all factor into the eventual price you will pay for your new roof.

Asphalt 3-Tab Shingles

Asphalt shingles are probably the most commonly used roofing material, and they are also one of the most affordable. However, asphalt shingles aren’t just valued for their reasonable pricing. They are also flexible, allowing them to be installed easily on more complex or atypical roofs, they are highly durable, and they are available in a wide variety of colors to suit the taste of the homeowner.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar is a very traditional roofing material that offers a unique look that many people value. While cedar is very attractive, it is also slightly more expensive than asphalt shingles, and may not be suitable for every application. However, because of the natural properties of cedar it is a very moisture resistant and durable material.

Laminate Shingles

 Laminate shingles are made from molding together several layers of material to craft shingles that give more texture and character to the shape of a roof than the flatter asphalt shingles. These are slightly more expensive, but are also at times more durable, and offer a higher level of fire protection to your home. Like asphalt, they are also available in many different colors. Laminate shingles are available made out of different base materials as well. Some are made from asphalt as well, while others are made from synthetic materials. For people who prefer to stay environmentally friendly as often as possible, it is also possible to find laminate roofing that is made from recycled materials.


Metal is sometimes an overlooked roofing option. In most cases it is going to end up being the most expensive, but it is also the longest lived. Metal roofs are available in any color, including custom selections from some providers. While most people think about metal roofs as appropriate only for commercial buildings, there are more and more people who are finding that their durability makes them a good option for residential purposes as well.


The season which you decide to get your roof replaced can also affect how much you end up paying for it. This is a factor that is easy to overlook because often, a roof is replaced as a matter of necessity after a sudden storm or other event that causes damage to the roof. If you can plan your repairs deliberately instead of having to respond to damage, you can save yourself some money on your upcoming roofing project.

First of all, winter will be a very expensive time to get a new roof put on your home. There are a number of additional challenges that crop up for roofers in the winter time, and in some places, winter conditions may be severe enough that installing a complete new roof is not an option.

Spring and fall are often good times to get a roof installed. If you can plan to get your roof installed at the beginning or end of the summer season the roofing companies will typically be slightly less busy, and may be able to be more flexible with their rates. You may also gain some flexibility in terms of when you have the crew on your property to complete the job, while if you want it done in peak season in the midst of summer, in most cases you will simply have to accept whatever dates are available. Prices will also be at their highest during peak season in the summer time.

Unexpected weather delays can also cause your price to fluctuate. If a storm kicks up in the midst of the job, the cost of the total job can go up a great deal. First, inclement weather can cause damage to the job which may require investment in extra materials or additional labor to fix anything that may get damaged in the midst of the storm.

A storm can also cause a lot of additional labor costs because workers may need to take time to clean up a site in the midst of a job in order to prevent damage or lost materials. Unfortunately, these types of delays are difficult to plan for. Most high-quality roofing companies will recommend that you budget 5-10% on top of your basic quote so that you are prepared in the event of any unexpected circumstances that may arise.

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