A Home Transformed: From Rooftop problems to Rooftop Renaissance

A story of transformation, the Rooftop Renaissance project took an outdated, weary roof and breathed new life into it with modern, durable tiles, turning a safety hazard into a home highlight, that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Roofing after 1

Outdated and Worn-Out: A Rooftop in Distress

This project begins with a rooftop that had definitely seen its better days. Outdated roof shingles, having braved many a season, were clearly past their prime. They no longer provided the aesthetic appeal or the protective function they once did. Furthermore, signs of heavy wear and tear, as well as major staining were evident across the roof, indicative of the relentless exposure to the elements over the years. These issues combined to create a less-than-ideal situation for the homeowners, compromising not just the appearance of their home, but also its safety and efficiency as well.

Restoration and Revitalization: Rooftop Transformed

We approached this project with a clear objective: to replace the outdated roof tiles and restore the roof’s former glory. We began by carefully removing the old shingles, ensuring minimal disruption to the underlying structure, stripping it down to the bare wood. Next, we installed an entirely new roofing system (13 steps to be exact), including GAF’s HDZ Ultra shingles – chosen not just for their durability and weather resistance, but also for their ability to enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal. This wasn’t simply a replacement; it was a transformation, a careful blend of function and design that breathed new life into the rooftop that was built to last a lifetime.

Roofing after 1

A Roof Reborn: The Impact and Learnings from our Journey

The transformation of this rooftop was no less than extraordinary. The impact of the new roofing system was immediate and profound – the roof now stood as a testament to modern design, durability, and efficient home improvement. But the project offered more than just aesthetic and functional improvements. It was a reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and timely upgrades, which can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems.

This case study underscores our commitment to delivering quality solutions that not only address immediate concerns but also contribute to the long-term value and appeal of your home. As we look back on this journey, we are reminded of the immense satisfaction that comes from breathing new life into a space, and the difference that our work can make in creating a home that is safe, efficient, and beautiful.

Our Process

Transforming Your Home with Ease

Discover the detailed, step-by-step process Paramount Builders follows to ensure the highest quality results for your window installation, roofing, gutter protection, vinyl siding, and vinyl trim projects.

  1. Agreement

    Your representative will submit your paperwork to the main office within 24 hours for processing.

  2. Financing

    If you choose to take advantage of one of our exciting financing options, our finance department will begin finalizing the approval we obtain for your project. Once approved, your project will immediately move over to our production department.

  3. Site Inspection

    If needed, one of our factory-trained team members will measure for any custom products and look over the scope of your project.

  4. Order + Products

    Once measurements are all in, all of your custom-made products will be ordered.

  5. Receive Products

    Every product ordered will be received at our local warehouse. This is where every product will be checked over to confirm that there were no mistakes made or damages done to the product during delivery

  6. Appointment to Install

    Once all the products and materials have been inspected, we will reach out to schedule your installation. We communicate by means of phone, text, and email.

  7. Installation + Inspection

    Our team of certified, factory-trained installers will install your project to the exact specifications we promised. The lead installer will offer a walk-around inspection with you upon completion and lead a thorough clean-up of the project site

  8. Project Complete

    Congratulations! Your project is now complete. Warranty documentation is processed and delivered to you 2-4 weeks after completion. You are now officially part of the Paramount Family. A family of over 75,000!

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