A Home Transformed: From a house, to a Home they’re proud of!

A true testament to a new home at the same location. This family felt their home was the definition of bland and wanted to do something about it. As a growing family they wanted something to be proud of. Drafty windows were creating high energy bills, faded siding was blowing away in every storm. They dreamed of a whole home makeover and that’s exactly what they got!

House with new windows, trim, siding, and gutter protection

Outdated and Faded: A house with unseen concerns

Our family, located in the beautiful Chesapeake Virginia, recently moved into a home that was in need of major home improvements. The home no longer boasted an aesthetically pleasing look to our family, and even worse was creating bigger issues, originally unseen. The blowing off siding, rotted out trim, and clogged gutters, had allowed water to create problems all around the home, all the way down to the foundation. These concerns and issues had our family fall out of love with their new house.

House with new windows, trim, siding, and gutter protection

Making that house, their home

Paramount Builders proved to be exactly what they were in need of. A company that could handle almost all of their needs at once. New Preservation Deluxe triple-pane windows to end all the drafts and put a stop to the inability to protect their family with windows that wouldn’t close or lock properly. All new wood replacement and freshly wrapped trim around the entirety of the house, completed with a new seamless gutter system with LeaFree gutter protection. And the grand finale, all new siding to bring the house back to life and offer a lifetime of comfort and protection. Our design specialist worked closely with the family to make every dream idea a reality. Multiple siding styles, all backed with our ultra-thick Climashield insulation, Preservation soffit systems that made the porch come to life. The Deep Moss siding color with the white trim/soffits/gutters, finished off with the black shutters brought their dream look to life. From the homeowners mouth, “this house just became our forever home.”

House with new windows, trim, siding, and gutter protection

More than a home improvement, A lifetime of Pride and Joy

This home’s transformation was remarkable. A perfect example of all of our product lines working together to create a masterpiece. This story stands as the proof that you can create a brand new home without moving away from your existing one. The lifetime guarantees and warranties ensure that this family can enjoy their home for many years to come.

Proud of not only creating an absolutely beautiful curb appeal, but sleeping well at night knowing they received a high quality, safe, energy saving solution for their family! The pictures of this transformation speaks for itself but improvement of life is what this family will appreciate the most. The family showcased their before/after photos with a collage on their social media pages. Their excitement continued a few months after completion, when they also sent us pictures touting how proud they were to decorate their new home for Christmas time!

Old home vs New home collage Beautiful home with new windows, trim, siding, and gutter protection installed by Paramount Builders

Our Process

Transforming Your Home with Ease

Discover the detailed, step-by-step process Paramount Builders follows to ensure the highest quality results for your window installation, roofing, gutter protection, vinyl siding, and vinyl trim projects.

  1. Agreement

    Your representative will submit your paperwork to the main office within 24 hours for processing.

  2. Financing

    If you choose to take advantage of one of our exciting financing options, our finance department will begin finalizing the approval we obtain for your project. Once approved, your project will immediately move over to our production department.

  3. Site Inspection

    If needed, one of our factory-trained team members will measure for any custom products and look over the scope of your project.

  4. Order + Products

    Once measurements are all in, all of your custom-made products will be ordered.

  5. Receive Products

    Every product ordered will be received at our local warehouse. This is where every product will be checked over to confirm that there were no mistakes made or damages done to the product during delivery

  6. Appointment to Install

    Once all the products and materials have been inspected, we will reach out to schedule your installation. We communicate by means of phone, text, and email.

  7. Installation + Inspection

    Our team of certified, factory-trained installers will install your project to the exact specifications we promised. The lead installer will offer a walk-around inspection with you upon completion and lead a thorough clean-up of the project site

  8. Project Complete

    Congratulations! Your project is now complete. Warranty documentation is processed and delivered to you 2-4 weeks after completion. You are now officially part of the Paramount Family. A family of over 75,000!

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