A Home Transformed: From no siding to a Siding success Story

This story narrates the journey of a homeowner in Virginia Beach, Virginia, who was faced with the challenge of an un-sided home. The absence of siding was causing numerous issues such as exposure to harsh weather conditions, inefficient energy consumption, and most important to the homeowner, an unappealing exterior look.

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Identifying the Challenge: A Home without Siding.

The client, a homeowner residing in the scenic city of Virginia Beach, Virginia, was faced with a significant issue. Their home had no siding installed, instead built with exposed painted concrete blocks. This might seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but the lack of siding can cause several problems for homeowners.

Without siding, homes are exposed to the harsh elements. Over time, this exposure can damage the home’s structure, leading to costly repairs. Additionally, siding plays a vital role in insulating a home. Without it, homeowners can experience uncomfortable indoor temperatures and increased energy costs due to inefficient heating and cooling systems. Lastly, lacking siding negatively impacts the aesthetic appeal of a house, potentially decreasing its market value, and making the house look outdated.

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Crafting the Solution: High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Siding Installation

Recognizing these challenges, Paramount Builders Inc., an esteemed exterior remodeling company serving the East Coast since 1991, stepped in to provide a solution.

Our team proposed installing high-quality and energy-efficient siding on the client’s home. This siding was designed not only to protect the house from weather-related damages but also to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. We used our expertise and experience in exterior remodeling to recommend the best type of siding that would match the architectural style of the house and meet the homeowner’s personal preferences.

Siding install project in Virginia after image
Siding install project in Virginia after image

Reaping the Benefits: Enhanced Aesthetics, Comfort, and Energy Efficiency

The homeowner chose our Preservation Deluxe Clapboard Siding, back with the ultra thick clima-shield drop-in insulation. The color; Cape Cod Gray. The results were nothing short of remarkable. The newly installed siding transformed the look of the home from plain and unassuming to elegant and eye-catching. But the benefits extended far beyond aesthetics.

The siding provided much-needed insulation for the home. The homeowner reported a noticeable and immediate improvement in indoor comfort levels and a significant reduction in their energy bills due to more efficient heating and cooling systems. Moreover, by protecting the house from weather-related damages, we helped ensure that their investment would stand strong for years to come – saving them potential repair costs down the line. Not to mention drastically increasing the homes value.

  • Paramount Builders provides excellent service and quality workmanship.

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  • Our Process

    Transforming Your Home with Ease

    Discover the detailed, step-by-step process Paramount Builders follows to ensure the highest quality results for your window installation, roofing, gutter protection, vinyl siding, and vinyl trim projects.

    1. Agreement

      Your representative will submit your paperwork to the main office within 24 hours for processing.

    2. Financing

      If you choose to take advantage of one of our exciting financing options, our finance department will begin finalizing the approval we obtain for your project. Once approved, your project will immediately move over to our production department.

    3. Site Inspection

      If needed, one of our factory-trained team members will measure for any custom products and look over the scope of your project.

    4. Order + Products

      Once measurements are all in, all of your custom-made products will be ordered.

    5. Receive Products

      Every product ordered will be received at our local warehouse. This is where every product will be checked over to confirm that there were no mistakes made or damages done to the product during delivery

    6. Appointment to Install

      Once all the products and materials have been inspected, we will reach out to schedule your installation. We communicate by means of phone, text, and email.

    7. Installation + Inspection

      Our team of certified, factory-trained installers will install your project to the exact specifications we promised. The lead installer will offer a walk-around inspection with you upon completion and lead a thorough clean-up of the project site

    8. Project Complete

      Congratulations! Your project is now complete. Warranty documentation is processed and delivered to you 2-4 weeks after completion. You are now officially part of the Paramount Family. A family of over 75,000!

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